Healing Memories

michae lapsley

The Institute for Healing of Memories
Cape Town

The Institute for Healing of Memories (IHOM), based in Cape Town (South Africa), was founded in 1998 by its current director, Michael Lapsley. An Anglican priest, he was involved in the anti-apartheid struggle from the 1970s and lost both hands and an eye in a parcel bomb attack in 1990.
With the love and support of people around the world, he then began a journey 'from victim to survivor to victor'. The IHOM seeks to accompany other people on their journey to healing and wholeness, providing a safe space where they can tell their stories in an attentive and mutually respectful atmosphere. The Institute runs workshops in many countries around the world, focussing on how individuals' stories are affected by the history of their country, often the bitter experiences of previous generations.

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